Terms and Conditions

Wash & Fold

  • Items in the bag will be split according to colors and the specified water temperature as per the care label and will be washed accordingly with eco-friendly detergents and softeners, items will be templed dry and will be returned back freshly smelled and brightened colors in a casual stacking folding form.
  • Items must be suitable for temple dry.
  • No Dry Cleaning / Leather / Wool / Cashmere items are accepted in the WASH+FOLD bag.
  • Shirts/Blouses/Pants/Dresses/Skirts/Suites/Towels/blankets/Quilts or any other item that may require dry-cleaning or/and detailed pressing or should be brought back in hanged form is NOT suitable and accepted in the WASH+FOLD Bag.

General Terms and Conditions:

  • We shall not be responsible for any item not collected within a period of 30 Days.
  • We shall not be responsible for any change of colour or shrink.
  • Compensation for damaged garment shall be limited to a maximum of five times the cleaning Charge and claims will be settled by New Generation Dry cleaning (Br) LLC Tel. 043986463
  • We shall not be responsible for valuables left in the poclets of your garments.

New Generation Dry Cleaning

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